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Sermon Table of Contents

Christian Church Essentials

Pastor Scott Klemanchuck series on Essentials To Being Part Of God's Body.

Luke Series Part 1

Pastor Scott Klemanchuck series on Luke.

Luke Series Part 2

Pastor Scott Klemanchuck series on Luke.


Why baptize me? Pastor Scott Klemanchuck preaches from Matthew 3:13-17 on baptism. What is biblical baptism all about?


Pastor Scott Klemanchuck preaches on Jonah.


Do you ever feel like your life is empty? The book of Ruth helps us see that God uses His Loyal (hesed) Love for us to fill us up. We are able to show loyal love to others as we recognize God’s Loyal Love for us through the saving work of His Son Jesus Christ.


We all try to fit God into the box we feel He must fit. The Messiah, Jesus Christ, shatters the box people make for Him. Jesus is the complete Messiah: both the lion and the lamb. Discover how to shatter the box you have made for Him.

Palm Sunday

Rev. Richard D. Worley preaches on The Resurrection Life from Colossians 3.

2 Corinthians

Do you ever feel like you must defend your actions to others, even those who have known you for years? Paul uses 2 Corinthians to defend the ministry God gave him to the Corinthian flock where God used Paul to establish Corinthian church. As ministers of the Gospel of Christ, all Christians must tenderly shepherd the flock God gives them may it be at home, work, in the community, etc. We do this with the hope they will grow to maturity in Christ.

God and Prayer

If you were to ask people why they don’t pray more often, they would likely say that they don’t pray more often because their prayers aren’t answered.
This series of sermons is for anyone who has asked and not received. These messages are for those who are frustrated with God and prayer. Dr. Wooddell helps us understand that God has an agenda through unanswered prayer. God’s agenda through unanswered prayer is often greater than when He answers our prayer.

God's Blueprint for Marriage and Family

God has ordained marriage and family to be the foundation of human society. Marriage and family can be the source of one's greatest joy and happiness. However, we have a marriage and family crisis in America. In this series of messages, Dr. Wooddell takes us through Ephesians 5 & 6; God's blueprint for Christian marriage and family. If your marriage is broken, God's Word has the fix.

Dinner With Jesus

Dr. Scott Wooddell shares insight into Jesus'intimate discussions around the dinner table. The dinner table was more than a place to eat, it was a place of fellowship and trust. Some of the most personal conversations Jesus spoke occurred around a meal. Jesus shared the table with everyone from Pharisees to prostitutes.


In order for God to use us, we must be submissive to His will. We must die to self will, self reliance, and self interest. Jonah helps us understand the lengths God will go to bring us to the point of surrender. This series will challenge us toward uncompromising obedience to God who has our best interest at heart.


We often face insurmountable problems in life. Joshua and the Israelites were facing giants and fortified cities. Their faith in God enabled them to overcome their giants and conquer the cities. We too can overcome our giants when we trust in the Lord’s faithful care. This series will strengthen your faith and bolster your courage to accomplish great things for God.


In times of human tragedy, we seek God. But in the good times we have a tendency to forget Him. The book of Judges may be three thousand years old, but it’s as relevant as today’s newspaper. It’s the story of people who forsake God in the good times and seek Him in the bad times. This series will challenge us to walk daily with the Lord in a way that brings His blessings from generation to generation.
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